Overview of Services

TotalLink2 Community is a Northbrook-based nonprofit that helps individuals living with intellectual and developmental disabilities (18 years or older) and their families in the north suburbs of Chicago. We offer a wide range of services that promote employment, independence and strong social connections in our home communities.  TL2C provides career and vocational services, skill-based coaching, family coaching and life planning as well as education and consultation for educators, community partners and other professionals.  Individual services are available on a sliding fee scale. Individuals and families can access services by scheduling an intake session with our TL2C staff. Please contact us at:

Community Life Club for Transition-Aged Young Adults (18 to 25 years old)

One of the best predictors of long-term stable employment and social connections is a history of part-time and volunteer work in our teenage years.

As adolescents with IDD approach adulthood, they face a multitude of challenges and opportunities in their transition to adult life. Community Life Club provides a wide range of hands on community and volunteer opportunities to teach life skills, create social connections and foster independence. TL2C also provides individual coaching and small group programs to meet the unique needs of transitioning young adults in partnership with District 225, NSYMCA, and other community resources. Please see our programs page to learn about community meetups and community life club meetings. Please call us at (224) 412-4718 or email us at: to set up an intake with one of our community life coaches.

Employment and Career Services

Through TL2C’s partnerships with local employers, the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities, Department of Rehabilitative Services, the Northern Suburban Special Education Cooperative and Griffin-Hammis Associates, TL2C is helping young adults with IDD build a great life that revolves around competitive employment. Our earliest clients have maintained their jobs for more than 3 years and counting.

Customized Employment

Customized employment is a best practice strategy that leads to strength-based competitive employment. We start with a comprehensive “real life” assessment aimed at identifying your skills, interests, levels of support and ideal work conditions to promote independence and sustainability.   Self-employment and micro-enterprise are also creative options for jobseekers and families. Our employment specialists help you determine the best options.

Partnership with Department of Rehabilitative Services

TL2C has a Supported Employment Contract with DRS (Department of Rehabilitative Services) that provides young adults with the most significant challenges access to customized employment. TL2C helps young adults and families determine the level of need for supported employment in order to make appropriate referrals to DRS. (Transition age youth may be eligible to receive supported employment through DRS twelve months prior to graduation to insure continuity of services after graduation.)

Career Development and Job Preparation

Individualized career counseling and job coaching helps jobseekers identify skills, explore career options, build his or her resume, apply for jobs and prepare for job interviews. Customized internships and volunteer experiences help you build work and social skills in a real work environment. Please call us at (224) 412-4718 or email us at to set up an intake.

 Family Coaching and Consultation

TL2C provides coaching and consultation to help families address specific problems, or plan for life transitions like moving out, creating social connections or becoming independent in the community. Our person-centered approach is collaborative and includes a comprehensive understanding of each individual, their family and their vision for the future. We work with you to create a specific and realistic plan that includes follow along support and goals to measure progress and learning.

TL2C also helps families navigate the transition to adult life in the community through person centered planning, education regarding best practices in adult living, supports and services including referrals to other agencies and resources. Please call us at (224) 412-4718 or email us at: for more information or to set up an intake.

TotalLink2 Community — Results

TotalLink2 Community’s application of the “Customized Employment” process works. Our clients come to us with disabilities that range across a broad spectrum; from those with complex support needs to those that are more highly functioning. We see them all as equal. TotalLink2 Community is providing solutions to a group of people that have previously been overlooked or neglected. We have successfully placed more than 51 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in competitively paid positions in an inclusive work setting. We’ve also assisted in the creation of self-employment and micro-enterprises for 2 clients with complex support needs who are not able to work in a typical inclusive workplace setting. TotalLink2 Community has over a 90% placement success rate for people with complex support needs.

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